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Otanaha Fortress

Otanaha Chocolate is named after a historical landmark in Gorontalo. The Fortress was built during the 15th century to protect the Pinogu Kingdom against threats of foreign invasion

Gorontalo lies at the heart of the Wallace region, boasts a rich ecosystem with a unique concentration of endemic species. Gorontalo Province hosts over 800,000 Ha of natural forest and is a unique biodiversity hotspot in the region, notably specially for the iconic hornbill species.

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Our Otanaha project aims to empower Gorontalo's farmers to effectively protect the region's unique forest resources and biodiversity.  We work closely with Yayasan Burung to build a strong foundations for sustainable economic development, and develop value chains for sustainable agro-forestry commodities.

Aren Sugar

Aren Sugar has been produced traditionally in Gorontalo for local cuisine. It has a distinct rich caramel taste that complement perfectly the flavours of our chocolate bar.

Aren Trees are abundant in Gorontalo's natural forests. Aren Sugar can provide stable revenues throughout the year for the farmers, thereby giving local farmers incentives to preserve the forest where the tree strives. 

High Quality Fermented Cocoa Beans

Local farmers are motivated to produce high quality fermented cacao beans to supply Otanaha project with a higher quality cacao beans at a fair price.

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